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Leilasansour article

Tear down the walls: 'Open Bethlehem' (OC Catholic)

Sometimes, the greatest life experiences can happen in the littlest of towns. That’s what Leila Sansour, filmmaker of the 2014 documentary ‘Open Bethlehem,’ discovered about the past five years of creating and campaigning in her hometown of Bethlehem—the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
While exploring the magnitude of the historic event over 2,000 years ago, Sansour’s film also intimately documents what’s happening in the little town of Bethlehem today.

Making Space for God (OC Catholic)

For many college students, making time for God—to pray and encounter, amidst classes, exams, homework assignments, extra-curriculars and second jobs—can be tough, especially during Lent. But the Titan Catholic club at Cal State Fullerton hopes to provide such faith-filled opportunities, and build genuine friendships, among both students and alumni. The club provides community, faith formation, and the sacraments to its young adult participants.

 mg 6228 article

SEEK what moves you

San Antonio, Texas, was the center of fellowship and revival for more than 13,000 college students and young adults across the nation, participating in the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) biennial conference, SEEK 2017.

Embrace trust in a divided world, pastor urges Congress

A pastor from Washington urged attendees at the 2017 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress to embrace God’s trust in times of political division and turmoil, such as the nation and the world currently are experiencing.

Givenoccatholic article

Unleashing the Gifts We've Been Given (OC Catholic)

Inaugural leadership forum in D.C. brought together 300 young women nationwide, including group from Orange diocese.

Dscf3408 article

Word On Fire's 'Catholicism: The Pivotal Players' Premieres in Orange County (OC Catholic)

Adults, youth, and religious from the Diocese of Orange and scattered throughout San Bernardino and LA dioceses gathered at Christ Cathedral’s Freed Performing Arts Theater for the West Coast premiere of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries’ multi-part film and television series, entitled “Catholicism: The Pivotal Players.”

Cp web 2 article

The Culture Project | OC Catholic

Several years ago, a group of friends were talking about their questions and experiences with love. What started from a simple conversation between friends has become a full-blown, global movement about protecting integrity and restoring a human culture in love.


On a recent Sunday, Joan Patten’s family, friends, students, mentors, and friends of the Diocese of Orange community gathered, along with the Secular Institute of the Apostolic Oblates (AO), at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Fullerton for Patten’s profession of triennial vows.

Dscf3001 article

Blossom Girls Camp Celebrates Dignity and Individuality (OC Catholic)

To bloom authentically, grow with dignity, and plant the seeds for a life with Christ—this was the mission of the first-ever Blossom Girls Camp, held last month at the Santiago Retreat Center in Silverado Canyon.

 mg 4687 article

Young adults 'on fire' after charismatic renewal convention (OC Catholic)

“We are here because we aren’t looking for happiness, but true joy. Happiness depends on circumstances, but joy does not. You can find joy in some of the darkest places on this planet."

New Missionaries Sent Forth, From Fullerton to FOCUS (OC Catholic)

When California State University Fullerton (CSUF) English major, recent graduate, and new missionary Jeena Rudy met her first college campus missionary, she thought her job sounded awful. “Look at me now,” Rudy, a parishioner at St. Joseph’s in Placentia, laughs. “I always knew that I had a call, and that I was going to follow that…but I was being stubborn to actually doing it.”

Ycp web article

Young Catholic Professionals Supports Members in Faith Journey

“Working in witness for Christ”—this is the mission of the Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), a nonprofit dedicated to connecting and engaging young adults and working professionals in the Church.

Newman Catholic Student Faith Olympics | OC Catholic

Wrapping up another great school year, college students from Catholic clubs in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties gathered in Riverside on a sunny Saturday in April for the annual Student Faith Olympics.

The collaborative games were held on April 30, hosted by the University of California, Riverside’s Catholic Student Fellowship. Representatives from four schools were present at the games, including UC Riverside, California Polytechnic University at Pomona, and California State University, Fullerton and Long Beach.


The Pro Sanctity Movement West’s retreat center in Fullerton shares the same block along with St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church.

King's Cross draws young adults for bible study | OC Catholic

The lights inside the Queen of Life Chapel at Blessed John Henry Newman’s in Irvine are dimmed, and stirring worship music can be heard from the full parking lot. Inside the darkened chapel, several pews face the altar, where candles illuminate a gold, glittering monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament.