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Freelance journalist, writer, digital producer and blogger for both print and digital media. I fancy a cup of coffee, current events, pop culture, and telling stories that encourage and inspire.

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Where to Find Authentic, Traditional Filipino Cuisine in Los Angeles (L.A. Weekly)

Filipino food is not only trendy in Los Angeles — it's tradition. L.A. has the country's largest population of people with roots in the Philippines, and our city's Filipino history traces back to the early 1900s, when a portion of downtown was even called Little Manila. Today, the Historic Filipinotown area near Westlake commemorates L.A.'s connection to immigrants from the Philippines, whose cultural impact can be experienced in the many Filipino restaurants throughout the city.

 dsf3045 article

Women Who Like Whiskey: There's a New Club For You (L.A. Weekly)

Hold the wine, please — an experimental whiskey appreciation club for women is growing in Los Angeles. Launched in March, Women Who Whiskey’s newest L.A. chapter has more than 1,500 registered members and boasts the club's largest branch in the world.