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Freelance journalist, writer, digital producer and blogger for both print and digital media. I fancy a cup of coffee, current events, pop culture, and telling stories that encourage and inspire.

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Coffeehall Chinatown: Brewing Community and Rotating Roasters (KCET Food & Living)

Located at Mandarin Plaza in the heart of Los Angeles’ Chinatown, CoffeeHall is a “showroom” for local specialty coffee shops and roasters to bring the best of their product. The “pop-up” concept departs from the traditional café or chain, inviting shop owners to sell their coffee and showcase their process for a three-day residency to Chinatown locals and visitors.

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SteelCraft: An Urban Eatery Restoring Community Over a Shared Meal (KCET Food and Living)

Driving down Long Beach Boulevard, on the corner of Bixby Road, one cannot miss SteelCraft. The open-air style urban eatery, built entirely of repurposed shipping containers from the nearby Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, is both colorful and inviting. “The concept started with the desire to create a gathering space here in the Bixby Knolls community, over really good food. It seems like a simple idea, but we wanted to create it in a brick and mortar, which really fit the distinct, diverse culture of our city.”

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Labobatory: Raising the Boba Bar (KCET Food & Living)

Labobatory in San Gabriel hopes to stand out among the threshold, with its custom craft boba and alcoholic drinks. “Boba has improved pretty significantly over the years, but there has yet to be true innovation … and that’s what I’m trying to do,” said 28-year-old Elton Keung, the owner and self-titled “BobaMaster” behind the new Labobatory in San Gabriel, CA.

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Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books

"Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books" is a group exhibition featuring the works of Otis students, faculty, and known figures in the art world....