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Freelance journalist, writer, digital producer and blogger for both print and digital media. I fancy a cup of coffee, current events, pop culture, and telling stories that encourage and inspire.

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Ceg103b 198b article
Asian Journal

Vincent Rodriguez III: Not just 'the Asian Guy' - On facing challenges as an Asian American actor

“You do crazy things when you’re in love.” At least that’s what Filipino-American actor Vincent Rodriguez III believes: that love is an all-consuming and powerful thing–especially when you absolutely love what you do, it can make you crazy.

Lamayor article
Asian Journal

LA Mayor, Homeland Security chief urge undocumented immigrants to step forward

Since President Barack Obama announced his executive action on immigration last November, hundreds of departments and organizations have been gearing up to implement the plans that are estimated to affect millions of undocumented residents living in the United States.

Rcp2 article
Asian Journal

Genever: A bar in Historic Filipinotown “where the drinks are queen” (Asian Journal)

A place for anyone who enjoys a great cocktail, and has a good spirit–that’s the concept behind Genever, a new boutique bar opening this year in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown.

Madeleinedreamsummer article
Asian Journal

DREAM summer national program provides opportunities for undocumented youth

Intersectionality, privilege, human trafficking, social justice, healthcare, incarceration, prison complex, interracial identity — these are all terms used regularly in the Dream Summer National Program, which has wrapped up nearly three months of immigrant rights work across the country.

Passionplanner article
Asian Journal

Passion Planner: Creating your life journey in a notebook

“What do want in life? Where do you see yourself? Who do you want to be?” These were just a few of the big, existential questions Angelia Trinidad was asking herself in October 2013.

Dsc 8042 1 article
Asian Journal

Like Father, Like Son: Mel Recana and son Julian share valuable experience on trials in life

For Mel Red Recana, “going to work” means traveling a few miles from his Los Angeles home to the downtown courthouse, where he sits on the bench as a county judge—and the first Filipino-American judge in the United States.

Ewp criers for hire 1 655x436 article
Asian Journal

Criers for Hire: A hilarious, heartwarming cultural triumph ...

The East West Players’ premiered “Criers for Hire” at the David Henry Hwang Theater on a rainy night on Wednesday, February 17. Starring Broadway veteran Joan Almedilla, Nicole Barredo, Samantha Cutaran, Rudy Martinez, and LA18 “Kababayan Today” host Giselle “G” Tongi, the play warmly celebrates Filipino and Filipino-American culture, generation, and the excitement and challenges of finding home in a new place.

Apidc article
Asian Journal

APIDC hosts statewide conference on Americans with Disabilities Act

Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California (APIDC), a non-profit volunteer-run organization that assists with bridging the services and cultural barriers faced by the Asian and Pacific Islander community, hosted its fifth statewide conference on March 18 and 19, at the Westin Hotel.

Hmgd6978 1  article
Asian Journal

Filipino and Fil-Am designers bring diversity to LA Fashion Week ...

Finding a sartorial adventure with Cosmogyral | The traveler, wanderer, adventurer, and wanderlust–these are the women whom the fashion brand Cosmogyral aims to connect with. With a unique collection designed for women of all ages and sizes, Cosmogyral (meaning “whirling around the universe”) is a fusion of dreams and reality, inspired by luxury-destination wear and Philippine culture.

Johnnyitliong article
Asian Journal

Behind the 'model minority' myth: the Asian disadvantage

WITH stereotypes like “The Model Minority” and the “most successful race,” Asian Americans are facing increasing pressure in society. Studies show Asian Americans are the most educated race, with over half (51.5 percent) possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to just 30 percent of the overall US population.

Mtvwhite article
Asian Journal

MTV's 'White People' opens dialogue on perceptions of race

“THE time is ripe for some real talk about race.” This week, #WhitePeople became a trending topic. People across the nation were really talking about what it means to be White—as well as what it means to be Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Jose Antonio Vargas wants people to get real talking about race. An openly undocumented, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Vargas is the host of a new documentary on MTV, aptly called “White People.”

Transcendent article
Asian Journal

TV series ‘Transcendent’ looks to break misconceptions of transgender women

A brand new TV series is premiering on Fuse, uniquely focusing on the everyday lives, struggles and overall experiences of today’s transwomen.

Asian Journal

WHIAAPI, federal agencies boost outreach efforts in Fil-Am community

ASIAN American media crowded the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Jan. 27, where the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) hosted an informational session for various members of the AAPI community. It was an event to bring together to discuss programs that affect the diverse AAPI population in the Southwest region.

Asian Journal

CAUSE encourages leadership among API women, communities

As part of the official Women’s History Month in March, the Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment (CAUSE) hosted Women in Power: Leadership in Law and Justice, at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, March 18.

Lanai and chef adam tabura article
Asian Journal

Cooking Hawaiian Style: The art of island cuisine

When it comes to the word “aloha,” most people think of hula skirts, sunshine and tropical breezes, not food. For Lanai Tabura, food is part of the aloha culture and spirit—“serving aloha one plate a time,” he says. “Aloha is the Hawaii way of bringing people together, especially through food. Food is the common denominator.”